The Residents' Association

The Association was founded in 1947 and all residents are entitled to become members of the association. The community is served by various committees who seek to serve the interests of the residents and try to preserve the unique historical nature of the estate.

What's On

Social Events

What's on in Heronsgate

The social events throughout the year draw the community together - it's part of living in Heronsgate. Tell us if there's something new you'd like us to stage.

This year's calendar includes events put on by the committee and residents:

  • Quiz Night (March)
  • AGM  (June)
  • Safari Supper (June)
  • Art Show (July)
  • Horticultural Society trip to Highgrove (July)
  • Horticultural show (September)
  • Bonfire night (November)
  • Stir-up Sunday (November)
  • Carols by Candlight (December)
  • Carol singing round the lanes (December)

We're not publishing the dates here (as it's a public website), but please contact

 social@heronsgate.org for details

New to Heronsgate?

Welcome. Hopefully, someone has spotted that we have a new neighbour and has knocked on your door to welcome you to the village. If not, please drop a line to chair@heronsgate.org and one of the committee will drop round with a map of the houses, a phone list of the residents and dates for our events.

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Horticultural Events

Heronsgate started as a community of the self-sufficient and the Horticultural show always brings an amazing collection of flowers and vegetables. For those seeking inspiration for their own gardens, there is also a coach trip to Highgrove. Contact: gardens@heronsgate.org